When I first began this blog I had no idea where it would lead, or the attention to detail I would be giving the Exodus account.

I had envisioned a quick little weekly blurb – but I have been known to underestimate the Holy Spirit, and he has often grinned at me from underneath his World War II helmet.


A World War II medic feeding baby birds.

Yes. I often find myself picturing the Holy Spirit as a medic. Traditionally the symbol of a dove has been used, because that is how the Holy Spirit manifested upon Jesus during his baptism.

But that’s not the only manifestation of the Holy Spirit… there is the storm Elijah faced and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is simply a choice of how we relate to God, and how God chooses to relate to us.

God has always related to me in the context of history. And I have always enjoyed writing for him… but I do recognize and must respect the signs of burnout. And the Holy Spirit medic has had to step in on various occasions, pulling me back and delightfully ordering me into a spiritual medical tent.

I’ve also got some other projects under my hat which need attention to…

First, (of course) I must attend to some spiritual matters…

…specifically, discerning what the next steps in life are for me. And these must always line up with what God as my spiritual commander has planned.

Second, I’ve got a book to finish.

I am a writer. (In case, you hadn’t guessed already.) I have had a short story collection out for a year, and have been in progress of writing a post World War II/early Cold War novel. There are more details on that project on my other blog.

(Yes. I have run two blogs, posting for the most part weekly.) These blogs are secondary to my larger writing projects.


You are welcome to check out my other projects…

I’m on…

Amazon: A. R. Mitchell

Wattpad (a free digital platform for stories): A_R_Mitchell

WordPress: damselflyonabookshelf


I will return at the end of August!

Stay tuned!


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